Sam Newell

Build Interiors, Managing Director

Sam Newell

Sam's leadership at Build Interiors stands as his crowning achievement. His journey began in civil construction before transitioning to residential building to broaden his expertise. This foundation paved the way for his move into interior fit-outs and construction, where he quickly made his mark. Over the years, Sam has contributed to prominent projects, including Sky City, Aotea Centre, Auckland International Airport, Food Stuffs, Silky Otter Cinemas, Scentre Group, Nike, and Lululemon. His exceptional performance in these endeavors earned him the prestigious RED Star Award in 2022, recognizing his skills in delivering significant projects, outstanding communication, and value engineering.

Throughout his career, Sam has drawn on his diverse experiences to cultivate a deep knowledge base, becoming a specialist in value engineering. He is committed to using this expertise to effectively connect the architect’s vision with the client’s budgetary expectations. As the managing director of Build Interiors, Sam remains deeply involved in all aspects of the business, frequently working on-site with his team to maintain high standards of quality. Sam is guided by the belief that strong communication and creative problem-solving are essential to delivering cost-effective solutions for clients, a principle that forms the core mission of his leadership approach.

Underdogs Rule the World

We will be discussing how in this day and age being a “disruptor” or an “under dog” is an advantage. The world has shifted we are now in a time where people love to see something new and different.

In this age we are not in the “Instagram era”, creating a digital footprint is key to grow brand awareness and establish trust as a business. With doing this it is easy to get caught up in fads and trends but what we have found is that being true to our own brand and personality is what has set us apart from the rest. We will be discussion the determination it takes to be a pioneer, ways that you can market and push your brand for less and how having a social media presence is key!

Be brave, be bold, be different and most importantly be you.

3 key takeaways

  • A. Consistency Is Key (Grit & Determination)
  • B. Gorilla Marketing
  • C. Social Media Era
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