Are you creating Intuitive spaces for your people?

All across the world places are springing up that know your desire before you do, based on your past patterns of behaviour. Responsive places are becoming increasingly important for people, companies and real estate providers.

Frightening? Not if you are using technology to create intuitive, data-enabled environments that help your people by making their lives better and their time more productive.

Because it is no longer a matter of guesswork to create places that learn and respond to people, we will ask the question at our symposium this year: how can you use this latest thinking to make your people’s lives better and your business more profitable over the short, medium and long term?

At the symposium we will hear from people at the edge of this new frontier of knowledge, unpick the latest thinking and apply practical learnings that property professionals across the sector - owners, occupiers and suppliers - can take away and use.

So, we say be responsive and:

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