Resilience: The Next Wave

Personal resilience, city resilience, real estate resilience

Following our biggest-ever symposium last year, with more than 450 attendees, CoreNet Global NZ’s 2020 Symposium - on Thursday 28 May at Shed 10 in Auckland - is planning to tackle one of the most dominating topics of our age: resilience.

At a time when cities all around the world are appointing Chief Resilience Officers to meet the significant challenges of climate change, we will be asking how our human, cultural, workplace and urban wellbeing is being affected as the phenomenon really starts to bite into our everyday lives.

We will also ask what resilience means in a corporate real estate context, what the role of the corporate real estate sector is in meeting the challenge - what exactly are the changes we need to make to our buildings and cities - and, importantly, are we prepared to make them?

Come along to this year’s symposium to learn:

  • How cities across the world are already tackling the challenges in front of us
  • How the team behind the world’s most extraordinary development project – the redevelopment of Scott Base in Antarctica – is building resilience at planetary extremes
  • How to create buildings that operate within planetary limits

…and much more!

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