Omar Shehab

Switch, Director

Omar Shehab

Switch is a multiple award-winning Auckland-based independent specialist lighting consultancy headed by Omar Shahab. Omar’s background in the profession spans over two decades. Born and raised in the UK, he began his lighting design career at a leading independent international consultancy in the early 2000s. Migrating from London to his wife’s native Auckland 18 years ago, he founded Switch in 2009.

He has cemented knowledge and experience across all facets of the lighting discipline, and has his work has played a seminal role in myriad exemplary projects in Aotearoa New Zealand New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East – working in unison with top architects, engineers, developers and project managers.

“Currently we are working on a wide range of projects throughout New Zealand, encompassing urban-public-realm, mixed-use, high-end residential and commercial, building facade, heritage, and hospitality.

“As a smaller, independent and unbiased lighting consultancy, Switch is a determined purveyor of good design practice and future-proof technology. Our aim is always to add a creative eye, to think ahead, to work in harmony with the architecture and its users. we are visual and light visionaries and we follow that vision through.”

Omar will provide a snapshot on the importance of considered architectural lighting design, his approach, and what it brings to projects.

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