James Pearce

Populous, Senior Principal

James Pearce

James is a Senior Principal of Populous with extensive design knowledge and over 15 years’ experience. Since joining Populous, James has worked on several projects around the globe including ICC Sydney, Kai Tak Sports Park in Hong Kong, Jamsil Sports MICE Complex in Korea, Philippine Arena in Manila, Datong Sports Park in China and KL Sports City in Malaysia.

James heads up Populous’ Research and Development program within Asia Pacific, encouraging global collaboration, innovation and connection throughout the region. James is passionate about fostering the culture of Populous, in particular driving innovation in design and knowledge management across offices, studios and teams.

James Pearce

Creating Experiences for the Future

We will explore how cutting-edge technology and innovative design principles are revolutionising the entertainment spaces where we gather. Our conversation will delve into disruptive design concepts that challenge traditional venue typologies, enhancing both functionality and spectator experience. Key topics include the integration of building typologies into precincts and how a holistic approach enhances community engagement and maximises impact, using data to inform experience design, the creation of immersive digital environments, and smart venues equipped with advanced connectivity for real-time interaction, and sustainable design practices that minimise environmental impact.

We will also share case studies of recent groundbreaking projects, highlighting how Populous is pushing boundaries to create versatile, multifunctional spaces. Attendees will gain insights into the future trends shaping the industry, from adaptive venues developed around AI-driven crowd modelling to projects that blur the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Innovations that are set to redefine our collective experience of sports and entertainment.

Key Takaways

  • The power of the precinct – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Combining building typologies within mega-developments to create greater outcomes for all.
  • Designing for flexibility and adaptability to develop unique experiences every time.
  • The changing way we live - Harnessing new technology to create places that need to respond to our ever-changing lifestyles is transforming the way we design.


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