Emile Rademeyer

Vandal, Executive Director, Creative Strategy

Emile Rademeyer

As leader in his field, Emile Rademeyer is Executive Director, Creative Strategy at VANDAL in Sydney, Australia.

Awarded as the top production company in Australasia, VANDAL is a media-independent creative, art and production studio with a passion to bridge the gap between art, advertising, digital media, content and culture.

Highly motivated with excellent communication skills, Emile’s recognised talent earns international respect and he is regarded as one of Australia’s most prolific creative, new media trailblazers and keynote speakers.

Emile Rademeyer

The Metaverse Rebooted: From Hype to Bust to Boom

Buckle up for a mind-boggling journey and explore why the Metaverse is now more relevant than ever before, redefining art, culture, commerce and entertainment at unprecedented speed.

This entertaining session unpacks the rise, death and resurrection of the Metaverse, showcasing its utter lunacy as it reshapes our world and disrupts the status quo.

This session will show to you work, life and entertainment in the Metaverse like new seen before. Why did someone buy a .JPG image for US$69 million? What is Snoop Dogg up to nowadays? How much would you pay for an NFT? And what does deep fakes generated with Artificial Intelligence have to do with it all?

Come and find out as only one question remains: ‘Will we shape the Metaverse, or will the Metaverse end up shaping us?’

3 key takeaways

  • Why is the Metaverse more relevant than ever before? And what exactly is the Metaverse? Haven’t we moved on to other disrupting technologies like Artificial Intelligence?
  • Why is the Metaverse the future of art, culture, commerce and entertainment? Witness how it will change your personal and work life into an augmented reality.
  • Digital disruption is redefining us. Let’s look into the future: “Will we shape the Metaverse? Or will it shape us?”
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