Elliot Olsen

Watersmart, Co-founder, North Lower Regional & Design Manager

Elliot Olsen

Watersmart was Elliot’s first cab off the rank as a business start-up after studying Innovation at Auckland University. He started as the co-founder, and then, as the business has grown, he has become the go-to technical design lead, overseeing the design team. Elliot is a problem-solver whose solution-focused approach has seen him become a first port of call for many of Watersmart’s engineering and architectural clients to solve their stormwater challenges.

Elliot Olsen

Is your building saving you water and money?

At a time when a changing climate is pouring more extreme weather into New Zealand, many opportunities now exist for the owners, designers, managers and occupiers of commercial properties to save water, emissions, and money by applying an on-site focus to water resilience. So say Elliot Olsen and Tasi Ah Fook of Watersmart, an innovative Kiwi company that helps Kiwis to realise the true value of water.

Elliot and Tasi will showcase new ways of thinking about water in your workplace, as well as some spectacular new systems that are already saving organisations water and money as storms and droughts force new ways of thinking about how we protect ourselves from, store, use, and recycle water.

“Simple changes in your building can offer tangible commercial benefits,” says Elliot. “Practical on-site solutions will help reduce your demand on water infrastructure, saving water, costs and emissions. It’s time to get recycle-ready.”

3 key takeaways

  • How to recycle up to 45% of water on site using Hydraloop, the world’s first in-building water recycling system
  • How commercial building managers are already protecting their buildings from flooding using new temporary and permanent barriers
  • Simple steps you can take to get recycle-ready.
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