Simon Pole

Global Director, Design, Unispace

Simon Pole

With 20 plus years’ experience leading exceptional and complex projects throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, Simon’s ideas enhance workplace performance and change the way businesses do business. He is a global leader in agile workstyles across multiple industry sectors, delivering ground-breaking concepts and award-winning environments for his clients.

Technology-enabled design: Enhancing the human experience

How do you get the perfect balance between employee engagement and AI performance? Where does the workplace experience begin and end?

Imagine a workplace where entry is as simple as waving your hand through a contact-less scanner, where integrated AI can help you do your job, and when you need to refresh and re-energise you can escape to an energy pod, massage chair, take a yoga class or swim a few laps in the pool.

Woodside’s new headquarters in Perth is an international workplace destination of choice. Showcasing significant innovations in workplace technologies, as well as health, wellbeing and connectivity; one is not overlooked in favour of the other, resulting in a truly balanced environment.

Featuring integrated access to artificial intelligence leveraged through the Woodside relationship with IBM, an intelligent and autonomous robotics lab designed to deliver and showcase Woodside’s partnership with NASA, and frictionless biometric access technology.

Work is catered for across a series of floors that provide more than 60 different work settings to choose from. Here Woodside’s workplace philosophy Rightspace comes to life – a new way of working based on choice and designed to foster movement, connect people and break down traditional silos.

The campus utilises many of the technologies and design features that are regularly cited as “the workplace of the future”. This is a workplace that is ten years ahead of its time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify key learnings from the campus experience that can be applied to any workplace transformation.
  • Apply employee experience initiatives to your own business to improve efficiency and productivity whether a startup or campus style workplace.
  • Participants will understand from Woodside, the power of a future thinking technology strategy and its impact on business performance and employee engagement.

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