George Hulbert

Director, The Clarity Business

George Hulbert

MC-ing the day will be George Hulbert of The Clarity Business. A long-time property communicator, George is always keen to understand how real estate can respond better to people’s needs. In his view, the value of a place is the experience that it gives us as human beings, and the more intuitive that experience, the better. George has experienced a variety of workplaces, from the deeply unresponsive to the much more intuitive, connected and living coworking experiences he has enjoyed at The Clarity Business since 2008.

A proud CoreNet supporter, The Clarity Business also works to be intuitive, specialising in anticipating your needs and offering services you need to help you succeed: PR, media relations, social media, publications, issues management, and tender submissions.

We build value for you through bridging the imagination gap and telling the stories of how your customers will have a better, more fulfilling experience in the responsive places you create.

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