Jordan Kostelac

The Proptech Provocateur

Jordan Kostelac

Jordan Kostelac focuses on solving challenges in real estate at JLL through the creation and deployment of PropTech platforms for the Asia Pacific region. Working with both internal and external stakeholders, he guides the exploration of how technology can positively disrupt built environments.

Having spent time working across Asia, Unites States and Australia, his interdisciplinary background in FMCG operations management, process improvement consulting and most recently workplace strategy and change management lends a unique perspective that sits outside traditional real estate methods. He has a proven track record of success in aligning the requirements of operations teams with the strengths of their technology partners in large multinational organisations.

His experience in project delivery has demonstrated the importance of a strategic approach. He understands how a strong aspirational direction aligned with strategic business goals can positively influence the success of organisational transformation.

Keeping it Real In Real Estate

In this talk Jordan will take us on a journey to explore how our industry has been particularly susceptible to hype chasing. He looks at how we can be better in all phases of the real estate lifecycle by rethinking processes through the lens of technology to reach and serve a wider demographic, rather than simply adding a technology layer to existing processes.

Key Takaways:
  • Ideas are abundant, evidence is rare
  • We cannot afford “post-dated truths” when it comes to climate
  • Community and Future States are never orchestrated.

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