Ben Blakemore


Ben Blakemore

After completing a Masters of Resource and Environmental Planning (MRPhon) from Massey University, Ben joined 2degrees as a graduate environmental planner for its nationwide cell site network deployment. He has led consenting, community engagement and property work for the business as it has grown rapidly since launch.

Since 2017, Ben has driven a strategic and transformational approach to 2degrees office property in line with the company’s maturation, and believes that workspaces are one of the most exciting tools and opportunities businesses have to influence their purpose and performance.

Achieving WELLness to help deliver a triple-bottom line approach

How can an organisation’s built environment encourage employee wellness? With a strong value driven ethos on employee health and wellbeing and new premises, 2degrees took the opportunity to ensure their physical environment embodied the effort they placed on their teams wellness.

In this talk we’ll explore what attaining WELL certification in New Zealand entails and what drives the success of this internally. Plus the hope that maturing purpose-lead organisations see the value in how this approach can encourage people to venture back into the workplace.

Key Takeaways:
  • The role that the built environment plays in WELL certification and creating healthy indoor environments
  • The importance of bringing everyone on the journey and having senior leadership advocates
  • How far is too far in terms of wellness?

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