Welcome Message

Following our biggest-ever symposium earlier this year, with more than 400 attendees, CoreNet Global NZ’s 2018 Symposium will take place on May 3rd 2018 at Shed 10 on Queen’s Wharf in downtown Auckland.

As the relationship between humanity and technology proved to be such a thought-provoking topic this year, we have chosen to examine another highly relevant theme at the 2018 symposium:

The Experience Edge

People, place & competitive advantage

We now live in a world where ‘the experience’ is everything, and the world’s best-known brands devote ever-more energy to creating great experiences for everyone who comes into contact with them. The question we ask is how can buildings become experiences that attract people, keep them engaged and add value to the business?

It’s all about creating an experience in terms of the real estate people occupy, the ways of working they respond to, and the fact that workplaces must now be:

  • Connected – enabling meaningful human and business connection and connectivity
  • Technology-enabled
  • All about the sharing economy – sharing skills and space
  • Places of interaction, collaboration, community and agility
  • Multi-generational
  • Enablers of mobility
  • Places of co-working and, in some cases, co-living.

We will shine the spotlight on a number of on-point CRE trends, enable blue-sky thinking and apply practical learnings that property professionals across the sector - whether owners, occupiers or suppliers - can take away and use.