CoreNet Symposium Series 2022

Traffic light rules have given 2022 CoreNet Global NZ the opportunity to create a Symposium Series this year. Taking place after our annual sponsors’ lunch, three core content events will then be followed by our traditional soirÄ—e at a later date. We’re aiming to give people knowledge and networking opportunities in person and/or online, according to preference.

In style, format and content we are pushing the limits forwards this year. What’s new:

  • We’re splitting the content into 3 separate events on separate dates
  • The events will be hybrid in style, comprising

What’s remained the same: 

Our planned theme for Symposium 2022 is still PUSHING THE LIMITS

We live at a time of extreme change. Our planet, pandemics, and the sheer pace of change all conspire to show us that many of our cherished concepts of ‘the norm’ are long gone. So now is the time to find new ways forward, to explore and push new limits - in order to discover what’s next and what the best new ways forward might be. But what does this mean for corporate real estate owners, end users, designers, suppliers and other professionals throughout our industry? 

We will host a series of mini-manifestos by a number of experts who have travelled far to push the limits in areas that include productivity; sustainability; culture, diversity and inclusion; and technology.

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