Mind The Gap

George Hulbert and Scott Jacobs

Are you acting to prevent your property from becoming a stranded asset?

As we move forwards towards 2030 and beyond, a highly relevant – and yet virtually unnoticed - topic for owners, occupiers, end users and operators of property is Transition risk - transitioning to the new ESG reality: socially, environmentally, for assets, owners and organisations.

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My journey into the future and back to the senses

Claire Sharpe

From London to San Francisco, Claire Sharpe will give unique insights and observations gained through her involvement in the design and delivery of world-class corporate real estate in Silicon Valley.

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Energising ‘Good Together’ at Fonterra

Jo Monaghan

The way we work has changed. There is an opportunity to create at Fonterra, global workplaces  that support our strategy and help us be “Good Together”.

Wherever in the world our people are is our Team HQ, the best place for teams to connect, collaborate, innovate and socialise. The workplace also needs to be relevant and energising, a destination people choose to come to because it’s an awesome place to be with a great experience every time.

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Dyson’s new HQ, St James Power Station, Singapore

Kahn Yoon

Dyson’s new global HQ, officially opened on 25 March, a tech-enabled sustainable campus that is renewing and reviving an old building: virtually unheard of in Singapore.

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Reactivating Tauranga’s core CBD after decades of decline

David Lambie and Wayne Silver

TwentyTwo has worked alongside Tauranga City Council (TCC) since 2016 to help the council-led redevelopment of the civic centre. Despite being the fastest growing region in NZ, the central city and Te Papa peninsular has been in decline. Council had to mobilise to bring the heart back into its city, to provide facilities that draw people to the centre and stimulate social and commercial activity. Now, many years later, after much deliberation and consultation, council is in a strategic partnership with developer Willis Bond to deliver this vision.

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Panel discussion: Revising and reinvigorating our workspaces

Chris Dibble, Amy Hutchinson, Kristina Martin, and Chloe Stewart-Tyson

As a long-time supporter and Gold Sponsor of Corenet Global, Colliers will be hosting a panel discussion of industry leaders and experts of some of New Zealand’s largest organisations.

As our cities recover from the restrictions of the pandemic, we will gain incisive insights on how to revive and reinvigorate our workplaces to ensure they provide energising, productive spaces that will attract people back into them.

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