Michael Leng

Associate Senior Interior Designer at Wingate Architects

Michael Leng

Michael Leng has been leading Interiors at Wingate Architects for the past 3 years. A born and bred New Zealander of Cambodian Chinese decent, Michael is a proud Aucklander who resides on the North Shore with his wife and daughter. Michael brings 10+ years of a varied skillset that is unique to him and appreciated by colleagues and clients alike.

His design thinking and approach revolves around the Client, the people who inhabit the space,functionality and in turn productivity. He is an open book creative, passionate about Design in all facets but more specifically in Commercial Interiors. Michael believes that culture within a business is important and should play a fundamental role in creating synergy in our everyday environments. This has influenced his “people first” approach and given him the courage to excel in even the most challenging of times. His key attributes are his adaptability, perspective and outlook on our ever-changing environments, he embraces challenges and is invested innurturing the next generation of creatives. With this mentality his professional and personable demeanour has allowed him to form strong relationships with clients and suppliers in many sectors, enabling him to broaden his offering.

Michael entered the industry during the last Global Financial crisis. His personal resilience led him to understand that in tough times it’s the importance of what change can entail, and how that change will have a positive effect on all outcomes. With a drive to persevere that has been engrained since a young age and being youngest of 4 boys, the sky has always been his limit and drives him to embrace everything that he is presented with.

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