Lotty Roberts

Founder of ‘Mind U’

Lotty Roberts

For over 20 years Lotty has been helping people learn how to successfully navigate through change, challenge and uncertainty. A former competitive runner and senior leader in the corporate world, Lotty discovered mindfulness to help her navigate her own challenges and change in the form of an autoimmune condition, chronic pain, double hip replacement, ongoing stress and corporate burnout. The benefits were far reaching. Through her own personal journey with mindfulness, Lotty instantly saw an opportunity to integrate a mindful approach towards leadership, culture, resilience and indeed change, believing change done well is ‘mindfulness in action’.

Inspired to share the practice with others, Lotty trained as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher and threads her teachings of mindfulness through all that she does. Lotty is also certified emotional culture specialist and facilitator of ‘The Emotional Culture Deck’, registered 200YTT yoga teacher, host of 'The Vulnerability Effect Podcast', and founder of Mind U – a business dedicated to helping individuals and businesses thrive through the challenges and opportunities that change (and indeed life), presents. 

Lotty’s favourite quote and inspiration behind her work is “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf” by Jon Kabat-Zinn - her mission and purpose in all that she does is help others to surf through those continual waves of change.

Mindfulness as a superpower for resilience in the workplace

80 years ago, if you were heading off for a lunchtime run, you likely would have got some odd looks and been asked “who's chasing you?” Since then, science-based evidence started being presented on the benefits of physical exercise, and running wasn’t seen as weird anymore – it was seen as an efficient way of exercising to keep your body fit. 

Now scientific evidence is building up on the benefits of mindfulness as a way of exercising the mind, and that it’s more important than ever to keep the mind as fit and healthy as it is the body.

The world we live in today is a crazy, busy and frantic place, with increasing uncertainty, rapid change and more complex problems than we have ever seen before. The workplace in particular is a minefield of distractions, demands, and expectations that can overwhelm us and undermine our ability to focus, perform, be creative and increase our ability to effectively navigate the waves of change and challenge that we will inevitability face.

In this session, Lotty Roberts, (founder of Mind U – a business dedicated to helping organisations and individuals focus on their mindset and mental wellness to mindfully lead and navigate change, challenge and uncertainty), will discuss the benefits of mindfulness as a potential superpower for resilience in the workplace.

She will bust the many myths around mindfulness and talk to some of the mounting body of scientific research that supports it being as important to do on a daily basis as flossing your teeth, as well as how to apply it in a workplace setting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why it’s more important than ever to look after our minds. The impact of ‘mindlessness’ (rather than mindfulness) and the ever present reality of the attention economy and age of overwhelm where we struggle to get focused and present at work. This impacts not only on wellbeing, but on productivity, performance, collaboration, decision making, creativity and problem solving
  • Definition of mindfulness and how it can help increase mental resilience and wellbeing. What mindfulness is versus what it isn’t. The scientific research that supports how mindfulness can actually positively impact the brain and improve resilience, focus, wellbeing, emotional agility and performance as well assist in reducing stress and unhelpful reactivity (and much more)
  • How to go about practising mindfulness. Practical tips and techniques on how to get started on applying mindfulness in the workplace and beyond. This will include a short, hands-on mindfulness practice as part of the session. A link to Lotty’s guided practices will also be provided, for the audience to listen to anytime.

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