Kate Meyer

Founding Director - Planetary Accounting Network & Business Director | Sustainability - Beca

Kate Meyer

Kate is the Business Director for Sustainability at Beca & Founding Director of the Planetary Accounting Network. Her vision is for a world where people flourish within the planet’s limits.

During her early career, Kate was a sustainable building design specialist. She led the environmental design for many award-winning construction projects in NZ and Singapore before moving to Perth to set up a sustainable buildings team for engineering firm Arup. During this time Kate noticed a large gap between the science of sustainability and business and government policies and approach.

She shifted her focus from the built environment and undertook a PhD in sustainability science and how best to connect this with business operations, behaviour change, and policy. The result was Planetary Accounting. In 2018, Kate founded the Planetary Accounting Network, a charitable trust dedicated to helping people, businesses, and governments operate within the planet’s limits.

Buildings within Planetary Limits

There is an urgent need for global mobilisation at every level of society to drive transformational change and improve human, building, organisation and city resilience.

How do we measure the environmental limits that define a safe operating space for humanity and how do individuals, businesses and government do something around these major ecological issues? Planetary Accounting can be used to quantify how much your business, lifestyle or government operations is contributing to these global concerns and provide guidelines of outcomes needed.

Marina One

Kate will introduce a new framework - Planetary Accounting - which allows global problems to be broken down into manageable chunks that each of us can address whatever our sphere of influence. She will show how planetary accounting can be used to help drive decisions at different levels from lifestyle choices, business strategy, government policy, and legislation, and importantly, how it can be used to drive building design.

Key takeaways

  • Understand what this systemic thinking means for the relationships between property developers, tenants, owners/operators, local councils and governments and creates resilience
  • Discover how the planetary systems could transform the build environment from a major polluter to a resilient sector that contributes significantly to the restoration and maintenance of our global environment
  • Learn from real-life case studies from New Zealand and across the globe where the planetary system is working.

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