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We pride ourselves at the CoreNet Symposium on giving you the opportunity to look through a window into worlds you might not otherwise see. This year’s symposium does exactly that.

In what promises to be the best CoreNet Symposium ever, our thought-provoking speakers will put you at the leading-edge of the technological innovation affecting people in workplaces around the world, with a uniquely New Zealand twist.

The phrase ‘world-class ensemble of speakers’ is often overused, but not in the case of this year’s symposium. Chris Lunny, Facebook’s Director of Global Real Estate and Facilities, László Varga of Stanford University, Dr. Catherine Ball from Elemental Strategy, and Per Håkansson of Makerminds Inc. are some of the world’s leading voices in the debate about how humanity and the machine interact in the workplace.

Our keynote speaker, John Spence, is one of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America. He will deliver an engaging and thought-provoking presentation on the major technologies that will disrupt businesses in the next 5 years and what leadership skills will be required to stay ahead of the technology wave.

They are going to take us on a journey that starts with this statement: whether technology excites you or scares you, one thing is abundantly clear: change IS here already. Augmented reality, virtual reality, drones, automation, the Internet of Things and the all-pervasive social media platforms are disrupting workplaces like never before. And, although we’re all aware that disruptive technology is already changing the way we operate, we don’t really comprehend exactly what will happen next, and how these changes will impact the way we work.

Step in ‘Humanity and the Machine’

So much has been written about the technological advancements entering our work environments but it’s the human element we’re interested in: how can technology benefit humankind in the workplace, and how do we need to adapt to ensure it doesn’t render us obsolete?

There’s a real challenge for us as humans living in the 21st century to respond to the way technology is changing how we occupy and manage space. We’re going to zoom in on how technology is altering the occupier experience and the impact it has on space, people and jobs.

We’ve heard the World Economic Forum’s claim we have three to five years to change the way we do things to keep pace with technological change. And that a third of the skillsets used in today’s workplaces will be replaced by new ones by 2020. But what does that mean for end-users?

People today can, and want to, work anywhere. The rise of agile and flexible working alongside a burgeoning co-working industry is testament to that. Millennials, who are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, now expect flexibility. The workplace is now, well and truly, everywhere.

Unquestionably, the kind of space we occupy and how we occupy it is changing - and will continue to do so. So, will we see shorter leases in order to provide tenants the freedom and flexibility to adapt to a shifting commercial landscape? Will there be an increasing shift to fully fitted out space? These are the kinds of questions we will be posing and the kind of engaging debates you can expect.

Much of this boils down to leadership. What kind of organisation do you want to be and what sort of workforce do you want to be part of? Will you be an innovator, and early adopter or a laggard at the back of the pack?

Being prepared for what’s coming is about taking control of the fast changing landscape. The organisations that will come out on top will be the ones who respond with smart, responsive and agile solutions.

This symposium is the platform from which to ponder these questions with the brightest minds from corporate real estate and technology both internationally and around New Zealand.

You’ll walk away from this symposium with tangible knowledge about the changing environment we will work in, empowered and energised to embrace the challenge and work those changes to your advantage.

See you there!

Rod Aitken
NZ Chapter Chair

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