Morning Session Part 4: Taking Technology to new heights

speaker: Dr Barbara Breen

Biosecurity management, critical care blood and organ transplants, even pizza delivery - there’s no end to the ways in which drones are changing the world we live in.

Whatever you think you know about the ways in which drones are being used, forget it all, you haven’t even scratched the surface. Dr. Catherine Ball is one of the foremost authorities in the world on the use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), aka drone technology. If you think they’re only for film crews or marketing property, think again.

In the same way that smartphones now pervade our existence, drones will soon do the same according to Dr. Ball.

If you’re sceptical, you’re not alone. But after listening to Dr. Ball chances are you’ll feel differently.

She’s building bridges between technology and businesses and is passionate about helping people to embrace disruptive technology. Understandably, for many organisations, truly embracing technology is often seen as too big of a risk. Furthermore, actively doing so is often fraught with red tape and hurdles as I’m sure we’ve all experienced at some point in our careers. To counteract this and negate the risk, many organisations are creating independent start-ups to ring fence what is essentially their innovation and technology wing, thus protecting themselves from risk in the process.

If you’re not doing as much as you could in the technology space then after this session you’ll not only feel like you need to be but that it’s not as scary as you thought.


  • Comprehend the potential of drone technology
  • Understand it’s not the stuff of science fiction, it’s here, it’s real
  • Get to grips with how to embrace disruptive technology while minimising risk
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