Morning Session Part 3: Insights from Facebook

speakers: Chris Lunny & John Tenanes

Who better to talk to us about technology and humanity than the company that forever altered the way humans the world over communicate with one another: Facebook.

John Tenanes and Chris Lunny are charged with overseeing Facebook’s global real estate portfolio. Calling upon their experience working at Facebook’s state-of-the-art headquarters in Menlo Park, California, they’ll talk to us about how they’re using technology within corporate real estate to support their growing population of workers and changing the real estate landscape.

Facebook has grown from a dorm room to a global phenomenon with over 17,000 employees spread out across 33 countries around the world while staying true to the “un-design” principles of its office spaces.

When Facebook moved into its new headquarters two years ago, Mark Zuckerberg, in a Facebook post at the time, described it as: “the largest open floor plan in the world — a single room that fits thousands of people. There are lots of small spaces where people can work together, and it’s easy for people to move around and collaborate with anyone here.”

The sequel to this building is under construction and will be 20% bigger and offer many new features. Chris and John will talk us through it and discuss the lessons they learned from the first building.

With today’s technology and the mobile workforce, the line between work and home continues to blur. We’ll hear about how Facebook is developing its 200 acre HQ campus to appeal to Generation Z by mimicking an urban city with housing and retail to make the transition from home to work even easier.

In what promises to be an eagerly anticipated part of the day, we’ll hear about how Facebook’s real estate team uses technology and metrics to make data based decisions around design and operations to create optimal work conditions for its engineering staff. We’ll also ask them what it’s like to work at Facebook’s headquarters which boasts a 9-acre park on the roof with walking trails and outdoor spaces to sit and work!



  • By the end of this presentation, participants will have seen designs of Facebook’s new campus and understand how the space was designed to accommodate Facebook’s collaborative working style

  • You’ll understand how Facebook uses technology and metrics to make data based design decisions

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