Morning Session Part 2: How do you respond to ‘the next normal’?

speaker: Per Håkansson

Floppy disks to CD-RWs to USB sticks to the cloud. The way we store data has changed so often in a short space of time that what we consider to be normal is constantly evolving. In a world now dominated by smartphones, technology is forcing us to constantly re-evaluate what it means to be a human being in the 21st century.

In the blink of an eye, an innovative ‘out-there’ new concept can go from being just that, a concept, to being an all-pervasive part of our everyday lives, Air BnB and Uber are cases in point.

How do you respond? Do you embrace technological change wholeheartedly? Downright reject it? Or nervously wait in the wings at the risk of falling behind the eight ball?

Ten years ago, Per Håkansson made the conscious decision to ‘live by the pace and change of technology’. More than three years ago he went ‘all-in’. This meant selling everything he owned, his house, his car, his clothes, and start living a life completely powered by the cloud and the digital services we’ve all become reliant upon.

As he discovered, this has had far-reaching consequences on his life. He no longer feels change is happening too quickly because he’s moving ahead of the pace of change he perceives is needed.

As emerging new technologies seep in to our workplaces, the way we use space and how we interact with our colleagues is being altered. What is home? What are relationships? What is work?

Per will draw parallels between his own experiences and what’s happening in workplaces in a way that will encourage us all to embrace the inevitable technological change that’s already upon us. He’ll also share his insights into what it takes to truly live the change and explore the business services he feels are currently lacking.

Instead of sitting back, falling behind then scrambling to catch up, there’s an opportunity for us, as corporate real estate professionals, to take lessons from Per’s attitude towards the technology becoming ‘the next normal’.


  • You should walk away feeling empowered to embrace new technology
  • Gain a greater comprehension of the effect technology has on human relationships
  • Get a deeper insight into where we’re headed
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