Morning Session Part 1: (R)evolutions of Work and Space

speaker: László Varga

In an ever-evolving environment where digital technologies are becoming a greater part of our work personas, how do you design workplaces to address needs that are constantly changing?

Applying user-centric design principles is an approach that’s being championed by some of the most innovative technology companies in the world today. Not just involving end-users in the design process but putting their needs at the core of it is seen as an innovative way forward into an uncertain future. But just how much will our workplaces actually change over the next few years?

There’s a lot of hype about how artificial intelligence will change everything, and soon. Our opening speaker László Varga isn’t so sure those changes will take hold as quickly as some people say.

As an architect, urban planner and workplace designer, László has delivered some of the most innovative and well-known workspaces in the US and Europe. He’s attuned to how workplaces are changing and where things are headed but takes a refreshing approach that’s grounded in corporate realities not a far-off utopia.

In very real terms László will take us through a journey of how our workplaces and the technologies associated with their planning and design are evolving to help us better understand where we’re headed.

As the level of digitalisation increases so too does the overload of data that comes with it. This poses challenges for organisations the world over and puts pressure on people, space and resources. And as the world continues to become increasingly urban our cities are under enormous pressure that shows no signs of abating. With space at a premium, we’re all becoming forced to re-evaluate how we design and occupy workspace in the 21st century.

At a time when it feels like we’re faced with more questions than answers, László will take some lessons from history and provide some tangible examples from the San Francisco Bay Area, namely Silicon Valley, in order to help us see the digital evolution of our workplaces with greater clarity.


  • Understand the context of disruptive technology

  • What to consider when designing your workplace

  • AI advice grounded in commercial realities

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