Afternoon Session Part 1: Spaces for Innovation

speaker: Oliver Marlow

Kicking off the afternoon session is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the design of collaborative spaces and the relationship between space and creativity.

Oliver Marlow has not only designed some of the most innovative workspaces in the world, he’s also picked the brains of some of the leading thinkers and developers of co-working and co-design as part of research for the book he co-authored - Spaces for Innovation.

In what promises to be a captivating session, Oliver will share the lessons he’s learned from his own experiences as well as those from the countless articles, documents, theses and government reports on workspaces he’s researched. Not to mention the more than 50 site visits to offices around the world and 100 plus interviews with workspace thinkers, designers and developers he’s conducted.

As far as workspace best practice goes, there’s no one better equipped to speak to us. Calling upon a range of case studies, he’ll help us to understand how successful firms, of various sizes, design spaces to foster creativity. From Airbnb’s Portland office in the United States to Medibank’s office in Melbourne, Australia, each case will be visually documented and analysed to help us see what makes the space successful.

In a simple and practical way, Oliver will offer his guidance on workplace design that will challenge you to reflect on your own work environment and consider how it might be improved to facilitate more effective and innovative work.

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to engage end users in the design and creation of space and feel inspired by some of the incredible results doing so can achieve.


  • Enjoy a showcase of workplace design best practice

  • A heightened comprehension of the link between workspace and creativity

  • Begin to analyse physical workspaces with a view to improving your own environment

Spaces for Innovation

Spaces for Innovation by Kursty Groves & Oliver Marlow. Photo credit: Frame Publishing
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